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Product returns gives the possibility to return products within a period of 30 days from the day indicated on the receipt.

If you wish to make a return, please contact us first via email at or call us at 24440 23650 to guide you through the process.

Non-Defective Product Returns Policy.

A necessary condition for the return of a product to be accepted by our control department is that it meets the following specifications:

1) Must not have been used.
2) Its packaging must not have been damaged.
3) Not to be washed.
4) That its tags have not been removed.
5) The product must be accompanied by the retail sales receipt or the invoice.
6) To be packed to avoid any alteration or damage during transport.

The customer is invited to return the products he wishes, using the courier company from which he received them and charging In this case the cost of return shipping will be transferred to him with the shipment of his new order.

The new order that will be sent to him will have an additional shipping fee of 2.5 euros.

If you wish to receive a refund, 2.5 euros will be deducted from your refund.

Refunds are made within 10 calendar days.

In case of using another courier, the return costs are borne by the customer.

Return Policy for Defective Products.

In case of a defective product, there are two possibilities:

a) Replacement with the same or equivalent product
b) Refund in cash of the entire amount of money corresponding to the sale price of the product.

ATTENTION: The return of defective products is made exclusively with the courier company from which you received it, without any transport charges.

The address to which the products must be returned is:

Skra 34B, 43200, Palamas, Karditsa

Products that have undergone processing, at the customer’s request, cannot be returned.